Lights on!
Completely off-grid.

With off-grid F8 solar lights you save 100% electricity and make a significant contribution to climate protection.

Off-grid solar street lights for communities and companies.

Streets, public spaces, car parks, footpaths and cycle paths, bus stops, playgrounds and much more can be illuminated without grid-connection, because F8 solar street lights generate all the electricity they need themselves.

F8 solar lights can be placed almost anywhere. This is made possible by using the most powerful solar modules, the latest battery technology and high LED efficiency. In a site analysis, we calculate the ideal orientation for the solar module.

F8 Function Guarantee

In any weather and in any season.

  • Site analysis and needs-based lighting design
  • Perfectly matched components
  • 24/7 condition monitoring with F8 go live

100% off-grid

Simple installation in just 20 minutes

Light intelligently controlled as needed

24/7 condition monitoring

CO2-neutral – turn to zero

5 reasons to opt for off-grid solar street lighting.

High-performance components – state of the art technology and over 25 years of experience in the development and production of photovoltaic and solar lighting make our off-grid pole luminaires a convincing alternative to grid-connected lighting.

Our online monitoring and control system enables 24/7 monitoring of the luminaires through remote access and offers a wide range of lighting scenarios – from a simple dimming function to a Smart City.

5 good reasons that speak for F8 Solar
5 good reasons that speak for F8 Solar

Solar street lights –
smart and self-sufficient.

Here you can gain an insight into our company and learn why F8 solar lights are smart in design and smart in function.


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