F8 Valetta M Wood

The powerful solar lamp with eco-pole made of spruce wood.

F8 Valetta M Wood Leuchte

Smart solar light with a reduced carbon (CO2) footprint

In general, the fewer metallic components used to manufacture a product, the lower the CO2 emissions. This makes the F8 Valetta M Wood solar street light an eco-light. Like the F8 Valetta M, it is also equipped with a 120 WP photovoltaic module and achieves a brightness of 4200 lumens. Environmental protection and sustainability are also supported by the integrated F8 go live online control and monitoring, as directional ‘tracking’ light protects against light pollution.

F8 Valetta M Wood mit Holzmast

Technical specifications

  • Galvanised steel
  • Eco light pole made from wood (spruce).
    • Pressure treated (green)
    • Perforated earth/air zone and covered with Fürstenberg Permadur® system
Photovoltaic module
  • Monocrystalline
  • 120 Wp high power
  • Adjustable inclination: 30°, -45°, -60°, -75°, -90°
Quantity: 2 x 12
Lifespan: >100.000 h
Colour temperature: 2200 / 3000 / 4000 K
Luminous flux (max.): 4200 lm
Mounting height: 4 / 5 m
Total length pole: 5,8 / 6,8 m
  • Insect-friendly light
Nickel-metal hydride (NiMh): 26Ah/12V
Lifespan: 12-15 years
  • Extremely robust and temperature-resistant (-40° to +80°)
  • Charges even in poor weather conditions
  • Installed high in the pole, making it flood-proof
  • No additional battery housing or enclosures required
  • Intelligent battery management system as standard
F8 go live
  • 24/7 condition monitoring free of charge
  • Lighting profile according to customer requirements, adjustable online at any time
  • Lighting on demand
  • Group/series connection
  • Frequency measurement
  • No additional costs for internet connection, activation or data usage
  • Motion detector PIR as standard
  • Motion detector radar: optional
Nature Centric Lighting

Nature Centric Lighting – light in natural rhythm

  • Safety and well-being for us humans
  • Species conservation and star cities
  • Saving energy and reducing CO2

Circular light profiles from Selux

For light that harmonises the needs of people and nature in a resource-saving way by adapting independently depending on the time of year and day.

light intensity - colour -distribution